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Welcome to Saint Michael Archangel International University, an institution that proudly bears the name of one of the most respected and revered archangels in human history: Saint Michael the Archangel. Our university is a beacon of learning and personal growth, where the timeless values of courage, truth and justice are the foundation of everything we do.

As a university devoted to St. Michael the Archangel, we are inspired by his symbol of courage, protection and righteousness. According to tradition, St. Michael is the leader of the armies of heaven, and in the battle against evil, he always emerges victorious. It is this spirit of struggle and victory in the face of adversity that we try to instill in each of our students.

Our commitment is to academic excellence and the integral formation of our students, guided by the values of faith, integrity and service to others. We believe in the formation of individuals capable of facing the challenges of the world with a clear mind and a strong heart, always guided by the ethical and moral principles that St. Michael the Archangel represents.

We are dedicated to the pursuit of truth and knowledge, and we encourage our students to do the same. Like St. Michael the Archangel, who is the champion of truth and justice, we also aspire to be tireless advocates of these ideals. We believe that education is a powerful tool that can be used to challenge injustices and promote a more equitable and just world.

Being part of the Saint Michael Archangel International University community means embracing these values and living them in every aspect of our lives. It means having the courage to face challenges, the determination to always seek the truth, and the commitment to serve others with compassion and respect.

We invite you to join our community and live these values with us. Discover what it means to be part of a university that strives to honor St. Michael the Archangel through our devotion to truth, justice and service to others. Together, we can make a better world. Welcome to Saint Michael Archangel International University.