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Financial assistance.

Saint Michael Archangel International University (STMAIU) strives to make higher education accessible and affordable. To that end, it provides a variety of financial aid options, including:

  • Scholarships: STMAIU awards scholarships based on academic, athletic, artistic and international student merit. An online application and specific documentation are required.
  • Student loans: These are funds that must be repaid with interest, either from the university or private entities. It is crucial to understand the conditions before committing.
  • Work-study programs: The university offers part-time on-campus jobs for students, helping them with costs and providing work experience.
  • Assistance for veterans and dependents: STMAIU has assistance programs for veterans, dependents and other military benefits. For more details, you can visit the Veterans Affairs Office on campus.

Saint Michael Archangel International University is part of the Hiring Our Heroes Foundation for the support of our war veterans and their integration into the community.

To learn more about these options, please contact a university financial advisor directly using the form below: