STMAIU Bachelor in Religion and Liberal Arts

The Bachelor of Religion and Liberal Arts at Saint Michael Archangel International University offers a comprehensive academic formation that combines in-depth studies of religion with a liberal arts education, preparing students for leadership and service roles in diverse and multi-purposeful professional and community fields.

Specializations or Majors:

Business Administration:

Specially directed to students who are interested in business leadership with a solid religious ethic, preparing them to manage both religious and secular organizations.


Specially designed for those who wish to further explore cultural and philosophical roots through the study of literature, history, and critical thinking particularly seen from a religious perspective.

Coaching and NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming):

Directed to those students who are willing to seek to further develop advanced skills in both personal and organizational coaching, integrating ethical and spiritual principles into their current practice.


Specially designed for future educators in any field committed to academic and moral excellence, exploring further innovative educational methods and theology of education which will perspire to their own pedagogical practice.


Created for those interested in deepening theological studies and the practical application of doctrine under contemporary contexts, preparing them for roles in pursuing ecclesiastical and educational leadership.

Specific-based specialties or Minors:



Canon law


Spiritual Tutoring

Business Administration

This program has been carefully designed for students who wish to integrate their faith with their college education, preparing them to serve in various professional and ministry fields. This formation includes a robust curriculum that integrates areas such as philosophy, art history, comparative theology, and business management. With all this in mind, our graduates will be better equipped to lead people with integrity and wisdom in any environment they choose to practice.

Distinctive Approach:

STMAIU liberal arts course focus on enriching with religious studies provides a solid foundation for academic, personal, and professional development. Students will not only gain specialist knowledge in their chosen area, but also will explore in which way their faith is able to inform and transform their lives and professional choices.

Professional oportunities:

STMAIU graduates of in this are prepared for a wide range of careers in education, business leadership, ministry, community service, research, and more.

Additionally, they are equipped to positively impact their communities through deep knowledge, cross-cultural understanding, and an ethical commitment deeply rooted on religious principles.

Come and Have a look at how STMAIU Bachelor in Religion and Liberal Arts can provide solid access to a meaningful and transformative future, where faith and knowledge come together to form leaders with integrity necessary to face up the demands of the contemporary world.